"What Others Say": Paul Clark, Jr. on Notes from Susie

Any good music minister knows that singing forms our faith. Mark Edwards has spent his life helping others engage in that practice, but as his wife, Susie (Honey) and Mark journeyed through their most challenging days they allowed others a window into their own faith journey to find scripture, song, and loving relationship on full display as they faced the predictable highs and lows of a battle with cancer. I was privileged to be one of those peering through the window via Facebook updates and the "Notes from Susie" reflections in this tome. I have treasured friendship with Mark for a long time and worked in the same building with Susie for fifteen years. When I first heard the news of the onset of Susie's illness, I found it hard to find the words to express to my friend the depth of my care. Words of hymns, however, came to mind and heart often and I would send a phrase off in a text message to Mark. Of little surprise, most every time I texted him, Mark would fire another hymn phrase right back. When we talked on the phone, Mark would remind me that Susie and he had determined to "choose joy" through this journey, and choose joy they did. You will see it reflected in these pages, and sense the warmth of Christian fellowship exemplary of what "church" is supposed to be. You will get a glimpse of the love and devotion that defines the Edwards family. Perhaps, like me, you will find renewed resolve to express in word and deed your own love for others, especially your spouse. I hope you will also find the song of deliverance, of courage, of strength, implanted in the heart of Jesus followers. 

- Paul Clark, Jr., Director of Church Music
Tennessee Baptist Convention