"What Others Say": Dr. Penley on Notes From Susie

Attentive physicians learn much by caring for their patients. Susie Edwards taught me much about living with grace. She faced an illness that could have made her angry or bitter, for it robbed her of time with those that she loved. Nonetheless, she possessed an air of quiet dignity and peace that allowed those around her to see that she would not allow cancer to dominate her spirit. Even in the toughest of times, she wore a gentle smile that put others at ease. She taught me that we have the ability to live fully, even when confronting the most difficult of life's circumstances. I am grateful to have known her and miss her very much. 

In the book, Mark's brother Randy writes about the last time that we were all together in my office. We had said just about all the words that needed to be said, and sat quietly for several moments. As I recall, I held her hand -- I had a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat. Randy remarked that he felt the presence of Jesus in that small exam room. I know that God's peace was abundantly present, and it helped us all at that very difficult moment.

Charles Penley, M.D.,
Tennessee Oncology