The Sound of Singing: Personal Song for Susie by Ken Medema

Ken Medema is a musical artist that defies traditional description. He is a world class, classically trained pianist. He's an enchanting vocalist. And, he composes music and lyrics that compare with any top songwriter today. There's a reason he's been doing what he does for over 40 years and has a loyal fan base around the globe. But, there is something more that distinguishes him among his peers of noteworthy musicians. Medema has the incredible ability to instantly improvise a song on any theme and in any style, complete with contemplative or comedic lyrics that rhyme in all the right places. He has the uncanny ability to read the situation around him - the emotional climate, the spiritual atmosphere, - and weave all the elements together in a cohesive, meaningful piece of musical art that leaves his listeners empty of speech and full of thought. He's sought after for conferences, worship services, healing services, community building events because he tends to find just the right nugget of truth or theme to exploit into a song that brings everyone within hearing distance to an "Aha!" moment. Perhaps Ken's blindness helps him to see that which most of us miss. 

Ken met Susie and Mark when they were serving at First Baptist Church in Nashville. Mark booked Ken months in advance for a Sunday worship service in September of 2001. The date turned out to be providential. Ken wound up at Mark and Susie's church on the Sunday following the 9/11 attacks. That story will have to be told another time, and it certainly merits telling. But, this story is about a friendship that continued long after that momentous Sunday in Nashville. Mark, Susie, and Ken's paths crossed again and again through the years that followed. 

During one of Susie's very low health periods, Mark sought out Ken for one of his signature Personal Songs. Mark felt that Ken could put into words and song what they were experiencing and that this would be encouragement to Susie. Ken was well aware of what Susie ("Honey") had been battling, her abiding faith and joy, and her reliance on hymns. Medema worked his magic and delivered the most incredible song: The Sound of Singing. Here it is. It was a musical salve at a most dark time. May it also bring hope and healing to all who hear it. 

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