Hymns as a Source of Strength: Ken Medema on Notes from Susie

Ken Medema

As I read this book, I was amazed over and over again. I have known Mark and Susie for quite some time now, but what I could not have known is the depth and intensity of their faith through this wilderness journey. Surrounded by friends and family and walking on the sure foundation of their faith in God, they moved through this frightening darkness with breath-taking strength and grace. I have never seen such a strong proof that the hymn can be a means of conveying God’s presence and Grace. 

I suppose there were more hymns quoted in this book than in any other I have read, and every one is a source of strength, an expression of praise, and a comment on what is going on at the moment.  Thank you Mark, Susie, your family and friends for taking all of us on this trip a step-by-step, week-by-week journey from life to death to life, all of it expressed in those wonderful hymn texts whose power we can hardly overstate. 

Because people are not the same, they will not deal in the same way with these life and death events and journeys, but let there be faith in God’s on-going presence and care and the road we walk will lead us beside still waters, through green pastures, and into the house of God forever. Let there always be great hymns to help us speak both God’s presence and our response.

- Ken Medema,
Acclaimed composer and sacred concert artist